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Building Consultancy

The Building Consultancy team undertook a full refurbishment of a 3,737 m2 (40,234 ft2) industrial unit with ancillary office accommodation on Balliol Business Park in the Longbenton area of Newcastle upon Tyne, following their successful negotiation of a dilapidation’s settlement with the former tenant. The aim of the works was to bring the unit back to a condition that would allow the property to be re-let to a suitable tenant.

The Landlord had several key aims and objectives:

• To undertake repairs to the property to extend the life span of key elements.
• Deliver a high-quality refurbished space.
• Complete the works to a high standard to increase the desirability of the property.
• Undertake the works within the clients budget.

The building was in poor condition, requiring stripping out of former tenants fittings, repairs to the external envelope, repairs to internal element and overall refurbishment of the internals finishes.

Naylors Gavin Black LLP’s Building Consultancy’s professional roles throughout the scheme were to act as:

• Contract Administrator
• Principal Designer
• Designer

In these capacities an overall of the roles which were completed as part of our remit were:

• Administer the contract between the Landlord and the Contractor.
• Manage and review Health and Safety in the pre-construction and construction phases.
• Provide design and layout proposals which complied with local legislation.
• Collate full tender documentation and undertake a traditional single stage tender exercise.
• Monitor and review on site work and completion certificates.

The works which were completed by the selected Contractor for the project briefly comprised of:

• Recoating of the external cladding.
• Strip out of former tenant’s fixtures and fit out, including all mezzanines to the warehouse.
• Full redecoration, including of the internal steelwork.
• Full redecoration of the warehouse floor.
• Upgrade office lighting to modern flat panel LED lighting.
• Refurbishment and replacement of all of the toilet facilities.
• Refurbishment and replacement of all of the kitchen facilities.

The works were completed to the clients satisfaction and within budget, providing a high quality upgraded product to be marketed.


Scott Clarke

Partner - Building Consultancy